Tập đoàn Grands Chais de France

    Hãng Louis Royer-Pháp

    It is in the bosom of our Cognac House that our essential task is started. We have to bring our beautiful Charente eaux-de-vie to their maximum maturation, blend the different crus and years into a golden symphony so as to bring out the finest perfumes and obtain that unique cognac.

    Công ty VinaTabali

    The winery started its vineyards plantation in 1993 in the exciting and promising Limari Valley (north of Chile). It's closeness to the Atacama Desert, the proximity of the Pacific Ocean (just 29km), the clear and pure skies, hot days and fresh nights, result in an exceptional terroir for the elaboration of Premium and Super Premium wines.

    This zone stands out for its healthy vineyards, lack of frost or rain during the harvest and a climate specially suitable for the slow maturation of grapes. Like nowhere else in Chile, Tabali's vineyards comprise 180 has of very chalky soil, together with clay and stones. VINA TABALI's main shareholder is Sociedad Agricola y Ganadera Rio Negro Limitada (99.9%), society controlled by Mr.Guillermo Luksic Craig.

    Aresti Wines

    We are a family business with more than 58 years of experience in the industry of wine.
    Our objective is directed to people and its needs, that’s why Aresti Wines of Chile counts with a diverse portfolio that adjusts to different markets.

    Considering high quality standards, we reflect a deep interest in reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

    With innovation and flexibility, we commit to people on a long term basis, expecting to satisfy the requirements of our consumers and delivering a personalized, close and direct service.

    In Aresti Wines of Chile, our wines are the reflection of a strong family passion.

    Công ty Champagne Jacquart


    The Grands Chais de France / GCF Group has developed since 1979, led by Joseph Helfrich, from Petersbach in the heart of the Parc Naturel des Vosges du Nord in France, and has become the leading French wine and spirits trader.

    The GCF Group companies are present in the major French wine regions like in Alsace with Arthur Metz, Lacheteau in the Loire, the Caves of Landiras in the Bordeaux region, Pasquier Desvignes in the Beaujolais, the Maison du Vigneron in the Jura and Domaine de la Baume in Languedoc Roussillon.

    The GCF group is present and active in the main French vineyards with respect for tradition and regional know-how. Today, the group has become the leading private winemaker in France.

    For many years, the GCF group has paid particular attention to the quality of the wines and spirits produced and sold throughout the world:

    • respecting French tradition

    • reducing the CO2 emissions

    • developping ever lighter packaging

    Vodka jelzin

    "Vodka Jelzin" is a vodka brand produced in France. It
        is named in honor of the first president of the Russian
        Federation Boris Jelzin.


    Made in France from the finest fruits, BEL NORMANDE is a fresh, non-alcoholic, natural sparkling juice whose French origin adds a touch of sophistication.